Facilitation is at the heart of our work. We consult, we train and we coach in a facilitative style. We are highly accomplished facilitators who have enabled workshops, events, training courses and meetings to succeed all over the world.

Do you need to improve facilitation skills in your organisation?

Do you want to turn your managers into leaders who can facilitate?

Do you need some skilled, objective meetings facilitation?

The need for facilitation has come from demands from the workplace. It has become more important to enable more active participation – where people willingly contribute their creativity and energy and take ownership of decisions that affect them. As innovation and resilience become more essential, traditional command and control styles of leadership and management become less appropriate.

We provide:

  • Event Facilitation – conferences, workshops, training programmes. Effective facilitation is an essential ingredient of really successful events.
  • Meetings Facilitation, where issues may be complex and/or passions high.
  • Facilitation Training – tailored to need from 1⁄2 day introductory sessions to 1 & 2 day skills workshops.

“We have used Barefoot’s facilitation expertise in a number of team events with employed staff and volunteers, and in all instances their professional yet informal, fun and structured approach has ensured we get the best out of the session (often time challenged) with those involved understanding exactly what we are there to do, and reaching planned aims and outcomes in an enjoyable environment.”

Mel Squires, Director of NFU SW Region